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COVID-19 Resources

Latest Guidelines, Reviews, Resources by Topic, Dashboards, Analytics, Maps, and Research.

Northwestern COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

Northwestern Symptom Tracker   Android  |  Apple

Symptom Tracker prompts you to answer a daily symptom questionnaire, which you must complete each day prior to attending on-campus work, programming or activities, including classes. Faculty, students, staff and visitors are expected to use the web app for daily health monitoring. The app replaces the existing health monitoring web form previously used by employees. Completing your daily symptom check and staying home if you have any symptoms are important steps to fostering a healthy campus environment. 

COVID-19 Protocol Apps

World Health Organization (WHO) Academy App   Android  |  Apple

This app provides health workers everywhere with an efficient way to access the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 knowledge resources all in one place, including up-to-the-minute guidance, tools, training, self-paced learning, and virtual workshops to support health workers in caring for patients infected by COVID-19 – as well on how they can protect themselves as they do their critical work.

Brigham Health COVID-19 App   Android (Not Available)  |  Apple

The scale and speed of the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented scenario in the era of modern medicine. Our knowledge, the available data, and current resources are changing constantly. We are making our guidelines and protocols public in order to share the best of our current understanding with everyone who might benefit, and equally to learn from others’ information and experiences. Please share your practice patterns, new data, other guidelines, and new or missing literature. We hope this pandemic brings with it a new era of collaboration and speed in Evidence-Based Medicine.