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Galter Library's guide to the Scopus Database

Basic Document Search

  • Type search terms onto the first line on the page. 
  • Unless you tell it otherwise, Scopus will search the Article Title, Abstract, and Keywords for the concepts you entered. 
  • Scopus assumes that you want to find articles containing ALL the terms in your search.  Here's an example:

leukemia chemotherapy - looks for ALL the terms in the search as if there was an AND in between the terms

"music therapy" - looks for the two words as a phrase, if quotation marks are used. You must use quotation marks on two or more word phrases that you would like to keep together.  

Changing Search Parameters

If you would like to change the search parameters, you can use the drop down menu to the left of the search box. You can select from author, title, keyword, affiliation, funding information, etc.

Adding Search Fields

To add more fields to your search, click the plus sign below the search line. Additional search fields are useful for when you'd like to search using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).