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Galter Library's guide to the Scopus Database

What is ORCID?

An Open Researcher and Contributor ID or ORCID, is a unique, persistent identifier free of charge to researchers. An ORCID acts like a social security number for a researcher to assist you in connecting to all of your outputs and makes it easier to get credit for the work you do. The ORCID website can provide you with everything you need to know about registering for, using, and sharing your ORCID.

You can learn more about ORCID on the ORCID GalterGuide.

Searching by ORCID

Scopus allows you to search for an author via their ORCID. Of note, if an author has published with their name only or has not associated their ORCID with all of their work, you may not retrieve all of their documents with just an ORCID search.

If you have a group of authors and you know all of their ORCIDs, you can search for the entire group via the Advanced search screen and using the field code (ORCID). The search would look like this:


Using Scopus to Update your ORCID

An author who has work indexed in Scopus can push the publication information directly to their ORCID profile. You can start this process and even simultaneously create an ORCID profile, if needed.