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Creating an NIH Biosketch

A guide to best practices for creating an NIH Biosketch.

My Bibliography

After the completion of Section C, you have the opportunity to link to a bibliography of your work. MyBibliography, the reference tool created by the NCBI, is a centralized place for your publications where citations can be easily accessed, exported as a file, and made public to share with others. It is a great way for the folks at NIH to see the entire body of your work, especially the things that you were not able to include on the NIH Biosketch. Access MyBibliography through your My NCBI account.

The online bibliography listed on your biosketch must be hosted on a federal (.gov) website, which is why the MyBibliography tool is a great option. To clarify, this means that you cannot use your Google Scholar page, Northwestern Scholars page, your FSM faculty profile, or any other link. 

When you add MyBibliography to your biosketch it will appear as two lines (see image below), so it does not take up a significant amount of space.


A few other things to know about My Bibliography:

  • There are four different ways for you to populate a My Bibliography collection.  The fastest of which is probably to add them through PubMed by using the send function. 
  • Even when your My Bibliography collection is set as public to share with others, you can still select individual citations within it to label as private and they will not be displayed in the public view page.
  • Citations can be sorted by author name (either in ascending or descending order), by publication date (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), or by recently updated citations.
  • You can filter your citations by the grants that they are associated with by using the “filter citations” feature.
  • There are several other tips you can find on the NCBI My Bibliography information page.