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Creating an NIH Biosketch

A guide to best practices for creating an NIH Biosketch.

Delegate Options

As you work on your biosketch, be aware that you can assign others as delegates to work in systems on your behalf. See below for instructions on how to add delegates to your NCBI account, which can include SciENcv and MyBibliography, in ORCID, as well as in eRA Commons. These sites will help you understand what a delegate or trusted individual can complete on your behalf.

Assistance with your NIH Biosketch

Librarians at Galter Library offer an online class for researchers who need assistance in communicating their research impact on their NIH Biosketch. In addition, the library also offers consultations and a review service.

  • Online Class: A one-hour workshop for researchers to understand the purpose and format of the NIH Biosketch and identify citation and alternative metrics to describe research impact. Sign up here: NIH Biosketch Class
  • Consultation:  A one-on-one consultation for researchers who need additional support in understanding the format of the NIH Biosketch and assistance with identifying citation and alternative metrics. Contact the Metrics and Impact Core:
  • Review: A review by a Galter Librarian of the personal statement and contribution to science sections of the NIH Biosketch to make sure they follow the NIH guidelines, and the provision of bibliometric information for selected citations. Contact your liaison librarian:

Note: Please provide adequate time for the library to review any biosketches. The library asks for at least 2 weeks to complete a biosketch review. Incomplete biosketches will not be reviewed. Reviews will only be completed once per calendar year. Reviews are only available for Feinberg School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students. If you are requesting review for a grant application for a center, institute, or a group of researchers, please contact the Metrics and Impact Core ( at least one month prior to any deadlines.