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Galter Library Special Collections

Information on Galter Library's rare books, archives, and historical artifacts.

Special Collections Historical News Items

This page compiles news items that library staff have written about the history of Feinberg School of Medicine and affiliates, its students, staff, and faculty, and our collections. Explore these stories to learn more.


Witnesses to History: Two Alumni and the McKinley Assassination. Posted 2023-09-06

Early Jewish Graduate: Marx Block, MD. Posted 2023-08-09

America's First Surgeon General: John M. Woodworth, MD. Posted 2023-07-19

LGBTQ Pride Month: Neena Schwartz, PhD. Posted 2023-06-14

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Hing Hua Chun, MD. Posted 2023-05-23

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Surindar Bhaskar, DDS, PhD. Posted 2023-05-08

Arab American Heritage Month: Farouk S. Idriss, MD. Posted 2023-04-18

Arab American Heritage Month: Assad S. Abdun-Nur, MD. Posted 2023-04-04

Women's History Month: Leona Brandes Yeager, MD. Posted 2023-03-28

Women's History Month: Clara Raven, MD. Posted 2023-03-21

Women's History Month: Victoire Lespinasse, MD. Posted 2023-03-14

Women's History Month: Chi Che Wang, PhD. Posted 2023-03-07

Black History Month: Warren F. Spencer, MD. Posted 2023-02-21

Black History Month: Allwyn H. Gatlin, MD. Posted 2023-02-14

Black History Month: Thelma Brown Pendleton, RN, BS. Posted 2023-02-07


Native American Heritage Month: James E. Johnson, DDS. Posted 2022-11-07

Hispanic Heritage Month: Luis R. Soltero Harrington, MD. Posted 2022-10-11

Hispanic Heritage Month: Marisa & Max Ramírez de Arellano. Posted 2022-10-03

Hispanic Heritage Month: Luis V. Amador, MD. Posted 2022-09-26

Hispanic Heritage Month: Salvador Castañares, MD. Posted 2022-09-13

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Edward Falces, MD. Posted 2022-05-27

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Daniel K. Hur, MD, and Isami Umaki, MD. Posted 2022-05-23

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Ting D. Lee, MD. Posted 2022-05-16

Women's History Month: Yasu Hishikawa, MD. Posted 2022-03-25

Women's History Month: Mary Elizabeth Bates, MD. Posted 2022-03-17

Women’s History Month: Juliann S. Bluitt, DDS. Posted 2022-03-09

Women's History Month: Beatrice Edna Tucker, MD. Posted 2022-03-07

Black History Month: Austin M. Curtis, MD. Posted 2022-02-17

Black History Month: Julian Dawson, MD. Posted 2022-02-09

Black History Month: Arthur DeLyons Butler, MD. Posted 2022-02-04

Black History Month: James E. Henderson, MD. Posted 2022-02-02


Native American Heritage Month: Carlos Montezuma, MD. Posted 2021-11-23

Celebrating Black History: John Mavuma Nembula, MD. Posted 2021-02-25.

Celebrating Black History: Theodore K. Lawless, MD. Posted 2021-02-17.

Celebrating Black History: Ulysses G. Dailey, MD. Posted 2021-02-10.

Celebrating Black History: Emma Ann Reynolds, MD. Posted 2021-02-03.


Women’s History Month: Sara Ann Janson, MD. Posted 2020-03-24.

Women’s History Month: Vida Annette Latham, DDS, MD. Posted 2020-03-17.

Women’s History Month: Julia Dyer Merrill, MD. Posted 2020-03-10.

Women’s History Month: Isabella C. Herb, MD. Posted 2020-03-03.

Black History Month: M.D. Davis, II, DDS. Posted 2020-02-27.

Black History Month: Emma Ann Reynolds, MD. Posted 2020-02-17.

Black History Month: Theodore Kenneth Lawless, MD, MS, DSc, LLD. Posted 2020-02-07.

Black History Month: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. Posted 2020-02-03.


February: Celebrating Black History Month. Posted 2019-02-01.

March: Celebrating National Women's History Month. Posted 2019-03-01.

Medical Student Societies at Feinberg School of Medicine. Posted 2016-09-19.

Herman L. Kretschmer: Alumnus, Distinguished Physician, Medical Researcher, Author, and Philanthropist. Posted 2014-06-25.

A Quota of Four: The First Women Graduates of the Medical School. Posted 2014-03-21.

Northwestern’s African American Medical and Dental Pioneers. Posted 2014-02-25.

Remembering Graduates of the Northwestern University Woman’s Medical School. Posted 2013-03-18.

Northwestern’s African American Interns at Provident Hospital. Posted 2013-02-14.

A Brief History of Co-Education at the Medical School. Posted 2012-03-12.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity at the Medical School. Posted 2012-02-02.

Celebrating African-American Graduates of the Medical School. Posted 2011-02-07.


New Exhibit: The Stormy Petrel & the Bull Moose. Posted 2023-07-18

NLM Traveling Exhibition Now on Display! Posted 2023-03-09


Medical Education on Film. Posted 2022-04-26


Galter Receives Grant to Digitize Historical Medical Education Films. Posted 2021-04-30


On Display Now: American Women Physicians in World War I. Posted 2020-09-30.

Exhibition Celebrating the History of the Woman's Medical School Now on Display. Posted 2020-03-12.

Operation Saving Lives Exhibit on Display in First Division Museum at Cantigny Park. Posted 2020-03-06.


Lessons on Medicine in WWII: Exhibit and Lecture Recording. Posted 2019-07-12.

On Display at Galter: Surgery Classics. Posted 2019-06-04.

Northwestern’s Contribution to US War Efforts. Posted 2019-04-23.

Writing a Better System into Place: How Record-keeping During the Civil War Transformed Military Medicine in the United States. Posted 2019-02-20.


Upcoming Lecture: Black Physicians at the White House During the Civil War. Posted 2019-01-07.


New Exhibition on Display: African Americans in Civil War Medicine. Posted 2018-11-14.

Galter Hosts Gabrielle Barr, National Library of Medicine Fellow. Posted 2018-09-20.

Northwestern Notables: A Lasting Legacy-Dermatology. Posted 2018-02-05.

Galter Library Brings Magic to Lurie Children's Hospital. Posted 2018-01-31.


Special Collections Temporary Closure Notice. Posted 2017-08-25.

A Lasting Legacy: How One Faculty Member's Research Lives On. Posted 2017-05-23.

Galter's Rare Books and Treasures Highlighted on Instagram. Posted 2017-05-17.

New Library Exhibit on the American Civil War Now Showing. Posted 2017-04-26.

Happy Darwin Day! Posted 2017-02-08.

A New Look for the John Benjamin Murphy Portrait. Posted 2017-02-01.


The Brauns Family and the Woman’s Medical College of Chicago. Posted 2016-12-13.


A Celebration of Dr. Herman Louis Kretschmer’s Legacy and Accomplishments. Posted 2015-12-03.

The School of Pharmacy of Northwestern University (1886-1917). Posted 2015-11-24.

From the Library’s Vault: “There is death in the pot." Posted 2015-11-09.

Vesalius’ Digitally Restored Renaissance-Era Prints Bring Dissection to Life. Posted 2015-07-02.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Northwestern University Medical School Available Online. Posted 2015-01-20.


Herman L. Kretschmer: Alumnus, Distinguished Physician, Medical Researcher, Author, and Philanthropist. Posted 2014-06-25.


Celebrating the ‘New Fabrica’ of Vesalius. Posted 2013-11-22.


From the Library's Vault: Foundations and Seminal Works of Scientific Method, 1504-1793. Posted 2012-12-04.

Special Collections Artifacts Brought Out into the Light. Posted 2012-09-10.

Galter Library Accomplishments in 2011. Posted 2012-01-09.


Dr. Haber's Gifts Honored in an Unveiling Ceremony. Posted 2011-12-09.

A Brief History of Northwestern’s Dispensaries and Outpatient Clinics: Part 2, 1926-1975. Posted 2011-07-11.

A Brief History of Northwestern’s Dispensaries and Outpatient Clinics: Part 1, 1859-1925. Posted 2011-06-06.

An American Original: John Benjamin Murphy, MD. Posted 2011-04-07.


The Haber Gift: Rare Books Donated to the Galter Library. Posted 2010-11-11.

Medical School Founders’ Papers, Publications and Manuscripts, 1859-1912. Posted 2010-09-07.

The Feinberg School Celebrates 150 Years: Growth and Change, 1955-2009. Posted 2010-03-08.


Special Collections Exhibit: Military Medical Men of the Civil War. Posted 2009-11-04.

The Feinberg School Celebrates 150 Years: the New Chicago Campus, 1926-1955. Posted 2009-09-30.

Return of the Mayo Brothers' Portrait to Galter Library. Posted 2009-08-31.

The Feinberg School celebrates 150 years: Early 20th Century Progress. Posted 2009-04-29.

The Feinberg School celebrates 150 years: Founding and Early Days. Posted 2009-03-02.

Special Collections Exhibit: Anatomical Images of the Brain. Posted 2008-09-10.

Dr. Louis Keith Donates Portrait to Galter Library. Posted 2008-05-28.

Milestones in Dermatology, 1572-1808: Selected Treasures in the Galter Library's Special Collections. Posted 2007-10-03.

Mechanical Visual Aids in the Study of Medicine: Stereoscopes and View-Masters. Posted 2007-05-17.

Conservation and Restoration of Cowper's Anatomia (1739). Posted 2007-02-02.

In Memoriam: Cecile Kramer 1926-2007. Posted 2007-01-26.