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Reporting Research and Evaluating Studies

Key concepts and tools to help authors improve the quality of their manuscripts and readers evaluate existing research.

Critically Appraised Summary Resources

The following links connect you to critical appraisal tools for resources that summarize multiple studies.

Clinical Practice Guidelines Appraisal Tool

  • AGREE II Instrument - The Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) Instrument addresses the quality of practice guidelines. 

Additional Tools for Synthesized Reports

  • the NNT - Brief summaries of NNT “Number-Needed-to-Treat” based on critical appraisal of systematic reviews related to therapy or diagnosis studies. 
  • EvidenceUpdates - Access to articles from over 110 clinical journals that have been critically appraised by a panel of practicing physicians. Includes a searchable database and email alerts option. From BMJ Publishing Group and McMaster University's Health Information Research Unit.