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Galter Proxy Button

A guide to accessing resources without interrupting your workflow.

Why would I want the Galter Proxy Button?

To quickly sign in to the Galter Library website to access library resources from off-campus without interrupting your workflow, add the Galter Proxy Button to the Bookmarks Toolbar in your browser. Let's say you're doing research from home and stumble upon an article you want to read, only to find out that a subscription is required to view the full text.  If you hadn't started your research at the Galter Library website, you would have to sign in to the Galter Library website, locate the journal, and locate the article again. After installing the Galter Proxy Button the process is seamless. When you discover that article, just click on the Galter Proxy Button, sign in to the library website with your NetID/password and you will be redirected back to the article. If that journal is licensed by Galter Library or other Northwestern University Libraries, you'll be able to start reading it right away.

Important: the Galter Proxy Button is not a guarantee of access. The library may not subscribe to the journal you are trying to proxy or may subscribe to the journal through a third-party vendor and not the publisher directly. In the latter case you may be able to access that article from the third party vendor found in a search of the Galter website or through the links in PubMed.