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Writing, Citing, & Publishing

Learn about resources to help you through the writing and publication process.

Northwestern Writing Resources

Chicago Campus Writing Place: The Chicago Campus Writing Place is a free tutorial service for students currently enrolled in a Northwestern University School of Professional Studies class to provide extra help with writing assignments.  More information about the service and how to schedule appointments:

Graduate Writing Place Chicago Campus: The Graduate Writing Place serves graduate students from all across Northwestern’s many schools, departments, and programs, as well as postdoctoral students and Northwestern faculty. The Chicago campus satellite service provides support for graduate students and post-docs who are based at Northwestern’s downtown campus.

Note: Most consultations are being conducted online, using a combination of Zoom and Google Docs.  For instructions on how to prepare for and launch your online appointment, view and download the online protocol here.  See the online schedule for contact information and more details; be sure to select “Graduate Writing Place” from the drop down menu.)  

Scholarly Communication: LibGuide curated by Northwestern librarians (Evanston campus) that includes tips and links for: Copyright, Author Rights, Open Access, OA Fund, Self-Archiving, and Data Management.

Writing Resources from CLIMB (Collaborative Learning and Integrated Mentoring in the Biosciences): Includes tips on key science writing principles, NIH grant proposals, meeting abstracts, best practices in designing tables, and more. 


Scientific Writing Resources

Duke University Scientific Writing Resource: This in-depth guide aims to teach you how to write effectively. The material is not about correctness (grammar, punctuation, etc), but about communicating what you intend to the reader. The guide includes many writing examples from the sciences and has lessons to work through. 

Elsevier Researcher Academy: This free online resource contains video tutorials about the many stages of writing and publishing, including navigating the fundamentals of manuscript preparation, publishing, and peer review. 

StatTag: A free, open-source software plug-in for conducting reproducible research. StatTag allows users to embed statistical output (estimates, tables and figures) into a Word manuscript and then, with one click, to update output. Available for Windows and Mac.

Web of Science Academy: A free site, offering courses on topics in the academic publishing landscape, with a focus on research integrity and key skillsets. Registration is required and certificates are available for completed courses.