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Outdated: Northwestern Elements

Northwestern Elements is web-based warehouse of information about scholarly products.

Information for Administrators & Support Staff

Administrator and Support Staff Experience in Northwestern Elements

Administrators from each department are considered “super users” with access to Northwestern Elements so that they can edit publication lists on behalf of faculty. Northwestern Elements automatically claims publications on behalf of faculty if the publications include a unique identifier for that individual (such as Scopus ID or ORCID). If a faculty member notices that a publication is missing from their profile, the super users can log in to Northwestern Elements to manually enter or claim the publication.

Administrators and support staff are generally assigned the "Group Administrator" role in Northwestern Elements. Currently groups in Northwestern Elements are equivalent to departments. Group Administrators (listed as Administrator in the menu) can change group properties, group membership and can also assign users and other administrators to their groups. In addition, for Primary Groups, they can change module settings for these groups of users. They also get automatic rights to impersonate all members of their group. It is expected that this role will usually be filled by a person who will be the point of contact and administrator for the system for a large (usually Primary) group of people.


Faculty Experience in Northwestern Elements

Faculty will use the Feinberg Faculty Portal to record their professional activity when it launches later this year, but will not log in to Northwestern Elements to maintain their own publication data. Elements and the Portal have some duplicative functionality, and we don’t want to confuse faculty users. Only administrators and librarians will interact with Northwestern Elements at this time.

How are the Feinberg Faculty Portal and Northwestern Elements related?

The Feinberg Faculty Portal (powered by Interfolio) is the new system that Feinberg is launching in summer 2019 where faculty will record data about their professional accomplishments; it will be used to generate CVs and biosketches, and to feed content to public faculty profiles. When faculty click on the “edit my profile” button on their profile, they will be taken to the Feinberg Faculty Portal. Northwestern Elements will be the new publication data source for both the Feinberg Faculty Portal and Feinberg Faculty Profiles.

Why use Northwestern Elements as a data source for publications?

Northwestern Elements has publication data for all of Feinberg School of Medicine faculty and staff.


What is the timeline for rolling out Northwestern Elements at Northwestern Medicine?

Northwestern Elements will be integrated into systems requiring publication information from faculty. Some of the systems that will use Elements data include FSM Faculty profiles (beginning in late-Spring 2019) and the Feinberg Faculty Portal (powered by Interfolio).

How will administrative "super users" work with Northwestern Elements in Spring 2019?

Administrative super users can help us prepare for a successful launch of the Feinberg Faculty Portal and switchover to Northwestern Elements by logging into Northwestern Elements now and reviewing publication lists for select faculty (e.g. faculty with high publication productivity, faculty known to be especially attentive to their faculty profiles, etc.). Review “Pending Publications” lists to see if any should be manually claimed or enter a missing publication if Elements has not found it, but focus only on journal articles, books, and book chapters. Other publication types will not display on the Feinberg Faculty Profile.