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Outdated: Northwestern Elements

Northwestern Elements is web-based warehouse of information about scholarly products.

Claim and Reject Publications

Instructions and Definitions 

Based on the provided search settings, Elements automatically gathers publication data from external data sources, such as Scopus, Web of Science, and Europe PubMed. 

Once logged in to Elements and impersonating (For Super Users only) the desired user

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Under “Manage” click on Publications
  3. As appropriate, click Claim as mine or Reject (Not mine) for each item. 

Tools to simplify and/or speed up the process

A. Select all on page: to claim or reject items in bulk, use the “Select all on page” box at the top (or the check boxes in front of the citation) and then click either the Claim or Reject button at the top of the page

B. Filter: use the filters on the right sidebar to limit results for easier claiming

  • Relationship type – how the user contributed to publications
  • Title – title of publication(s)
  • Publication Type – format of publications
  • Reporting date (from/to) – publication date or period
  • Journal – journal title
  • Publication date – publication date or period
  • Author count – number of authors in publication

C. Sort: access the drop down menu next to “Sort by:” to arrange publications by

  • Title – title of publications 
  • Type – format of publications (book, chapter, conference, journal article, etc.)
  • Reporting date – date of publications
  • Citation count – count of citations from EPMC, Scopus, or WoS
  • RCR – this sorting option is currently unavailable
  • First author – last name of first author listed

D. View: claiming users can see more or less detail by toggling between the Compact and Detailed views using the button at the top right of the list

NOTE: In the case that the number of “Pending” publications is very high, there may be a problem with your search settings. Please see the "Optimizing Name-based search settings" section of the Search Settings manual for solutions.

Missing Publications

If publications are missing, there may be a problem with the search settings. Please see the “Optimizing Name-based search settings” section of the Search Settings manual to broaden the search terms and solve this problem. Users may also have to add some publications manually. Please refer to the “Manual Claiming” directions* to learn how to complete that process.

Review Claimed and Rejected Publications

To review and correct items that have already been claimed or rejected by mistake

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Under “Manage” click on Publications
  3. Access the desired group of publications and claim or reject as appropriate
    a. Claimed publications can be accessed in “Mine,” click on the red x to reject any items that do not belong to the user
    b. Rejected publications can be accessed in “Not mine,” click on Claim as mine to claim any items that belong to the user

Bulk Reset for User’s Publications

To completely reset all publications including those claimed, rejected, and ignored, contact a system administrator at Galter Library. A reset will send publications back to the “Pending” queue for claiming and rejecting.