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An overview of the PubMed search interface

MeSH Database

Use the MeSH Database to:

  • Search for the subject headings used for indexing citations on your topic.
  • Select subheadings to refine your search.
  • Choose to designate your MeSH search to Major Topic. 
  • Build a PubMed search using the appropriate MeSH terms for your topic.

‚ÄčArrow to the MeSH database from the PubMed homepage

Building a search in the MeSH Database

To build a search using the MeSH Database:

  • Choose MeSH Database under "More Resources" on the PubMed home page.
  • Enter your first search concept.
  • Click Search.
  • A list of possible MeSH terms will appear or, if your search concept matches a MeSH term exactly, the detailed record for that MeSH term will display.
  • Click on the blue link for your preferred MeSH term to view the detailed record (if in a list of terms).
  • Select appropriate subheadings if desired.
  • Restrict retrieval to Major Topic headings if desired.
  • Below the PubMed search builder box on the right, choose Add to search builder with AND or OR.
  • Your search term(s) will appear in the PubMed search builder box.
  • Repeat the steps to add more search terms and build your search.
  • When all of your search concepts are added, click the Search PubMed button below the PubMed search builder.

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