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An overview of the PubMed search interface


The Clipboard feature enables you to:

  • Temporarily save a list of article citations you select from various searches
  • Sort the saved citations by Journal, Author or Publication Date
  • Print, save, or e-mail the citation list

To save references to the Clipboard:

  • Place a check in the box prior to the reference(s) you want to save
  • Click "Send To" and choose Clipboard

‚ÄčScreenshot with arrow to clipboard link.

Saving Searches

To save a search, you must first sign into your My NCBI account.

After you perform your search, click the Create Alert link under the main search box at the top of the page.

This will open the Saved Searches page in My NCBI. You will see:

  • The detailed search you performed
  • Any limits or filters that were applied
  • An option to re-name your search (the default name is the full search strategy you used--you might want to create a shorter name for the search)
  • An option to send email alerts (this is the default) 
    • If you want to receive email alerts, you can choose the frequency, day of delivery, number, and format of the results
    • If you do not want to receive email alerts, simply click the "No, thanks." option 

Arrow to the search alert link


Your search history is available using the Advanced Search. The search history feature displays a numbered list of all searches performed allowing you to:

  • View and access results from previous search sets
  • Combine searches using set numbers (Remember, the connectors AND and OR must be capitalized when combining search phrases)