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Feinberg School of Medicine COVID-19 Archive

Share and Preserve Your Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my material after submission?

Your submission(s) will become part of the COVID-19 Archive at Galter Library. Library staff will process and preserve the collection according to archival standards. Some items will be uploaded into the Library's institutional repository for users to access digitally after staff review and processing. Library patrons will eventually be able to schedule appointments to view physical objects onsite in the Special Collections Reading Room.

How do I donate physical objects?

If you have physical items like signs, flyers, diaries, artwork, etc. that you would like to submit to the archive, please contact the Special Collections Librarian to coordinate transfer of the item at a later date. Due to the current Illinois stay-at-home order, we cannot accept transfers at this time.

My file exceeds the upload size limit.

If your file is larger than the current upload size limit of 400MB, please contact Katie Lattal, Special Collections Librarian, at

How can people find the collection?

After processing the collection, library staff will create a finding aid so users can discover and consult items in the collection. The finding aid will be available on the Galter Library website.

Is there anything you don't want?

Yes. We are focusing on your personal accounts and experiences right now. Please refrain from sending:

  • Newspapers, magazines, news stories
  • Official communications from NU and FSM (these are already being captured)
  • Accounts, photographs, scrapbooks, etc. that you did not create and do not have permission to donate
  • Medical information