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EndNote 21 for Windows

EndNote is bibliographic management software that allows users to manage citations in personal libraries and create bibliographies in a number of available journal or writing styles. This guide will help you perform basic tasks using EndNote 21 for Window

Word Endnote 21 (CWYW) Toolbar

The Endnote 21 (a.k.a. Cite While You Write) toolbar should automatically appear in Word, once you have finished installing Endnote on your computer. If the Endnote toolbar is missing, please see the troubleshooting instructions linked below.

Note: On work devices for which you do not have administrative rights, you will need to work with your IT department to activate the toolbar (steps 4-6 on the troubleshooting guide linked below).

Inserting Citations into Your Paper

  • Place the insertion cursor after the text you are citing.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word, go to the Tools menu, EndNote (version number) and select Go to EndNote.
  • If you are using another word processor, switch to EndNote.
  • Highlight the reference you want to cite from your EndNote library.
  • Here are several ways to add a reference to your paper: 
    • While still in EndNote, go to Tools, Cite While You Write, and Insert Selected Citation(s)
    • If you are using Word, go to the Tools menu, EndNote (version number). Click the down arrow next to Insert Citation(s) .
    • Also with Word, you may choose Insert Citation(s) button in the EndNote toolbar.
    • You may copy/paste or drag/drop the reference into the spot in your document where you want to cite it. This works with any word processing software.
  • The "Cite While You Write" feature in EndNote does two things as you insert citations in your document: 
    • In-text citations will be formatted into the output style you last used (provided Instant Formatting is enabled - see Formatting Your Bibliography below).
    • An ongoing bibliography will be created in the same style.


The EndNote toolbar as it appears on in Windows.


The following videos show two methods to insert EndNote references into Word. While the demonstration uses Endnote 20 for Windows, the steps are the same when using Endnote 21 for iOS.

Formatting Your Bibliography

  • Once you have inserted citations into your paper, you may at any time format or re-format your bibliography, providing your EndNote library is open.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word, go to Tools, EndNote (version number), Format Bibliography.
  • If you do not see the style that you want to use in your list of options, follow the instructions on our Creating Bibliographies and Formatting Papers page.
  • The Format Bibliography box also allows you to enable or disable Instant Formatting.

Deleting Citations from Your Paper

There are two types of citation in your paper: an in-text citation and a bibliography citation. Deleting a citation from the bibliography alone will not remove it permanently - the next time the paper is formatted, the citation will return. Deleting the in-text citation is the way to go, but we recommend you follow these instructions to guarantee a clean removal.

  • In Word, go to the Tools menu, then the EndNote menu and select Edit & Manage Citation(s) 
  • Look for the citation you wish to delete and click the drop-down button to the right of the citation that looks like a little cogwheel
  • Select Remove Citation
  • You can also use this menu to re-order references where you have two or more citations cited at the same point in the paper