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The Ensembl Genome Browser

Regulatory Features

In the Gene tab, you can view regulatory in the Regulatory Build track in the browser view.

Screen shot of regulation build track.

  • The features are displayed as vertical lines below the transcript view. These features are taken from a number of different cell lines from the Ensembl regulatory database
  • Click on any feature to see its location, zoom or highlight, and if a feature has available sequence motif, a link will be displayed in the pop-up menu
  • The defaults show some histone and polymerase sites, but you can add more by configuring the page. Click Configure this page on the left menu, or click the cogwheel icon above or below the browser view

Regulator configuration screen shot


In the Regulation panel (pop-up)

  • Select your regulatory feature set from the left menu
  • Use the filter drop-down to filter by any of the subsets of features available from that set
  • Use the Enable/disable all link to turn all features in all cell types on or off
  • Use the small boxes below the cell line names to choose peaks, signal or both for individual cell lines
  • When you've made your selections, click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the regulation window to apply your selections
  • Depending on your choices of display format, the window will refresh with peaks and/or signal for your selected features