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The Ensembl Genome Browser

Register at Ensembl

Like many literature databases (such as PubMed) you can register at Ensembl.

This is helpful if you want to:

  • save BioMart queries
  • save Ve!P jobs
  • bookmark your favorite pages
  • upload your own data

Click on the Login/Register link in the upper right corner of any Ensembl page. Enter all the required information and save your profile.

  • After you run a Ve!P job, it will immediately save to your profile, if you're logged in
  • If you want to save a BioMart query: 
    • run the query
    • then click on your username (upper right corner--log in if you're not already logged in)
    • then click Bookmark this page
    • enter a name for the run and the URL (paste it from the bookmarkable URL or the URL window)
    • this will pre-load all your filters and attributes when you click on it in the future, but you will have to click the Results button to see the results