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CiteScore Information

Category: Journal Level

Definition: A score based on the number of citations to documents (articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters, and data papers) by a journal over four years, divided by the number of the same document types indexed in Scopus and published in those same four years. The score is only calculated once a year. 

Use Case: The CiteScore is useful in comparing the relative influence of journals within a discipline, as measured by citations.

Location:  Scopus

Field Normalized?:  No


  • Only available for journals indexed in Scopus.
  • Only calculated one time a year.

Sample Statement: Of the 1,174 documents authored by Dr. Fauci that are indexed in Scopus, 14 of them were published in The Lancet, which has a CiteScore of 73.4 and is in the 99th percentile of journals in the category of General Medicine (Scopus).

What that means:  Dr. Fauci's documents published in The Lancet in the most recent three years should receive on average 73.4 citations in the most recent years.

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