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h-index Information

Category: Author Level

Definition: The h-index is equivalent to the number of h publications by an author that have been cited h number of times. 

Use Case: The h-index is used as evidence of the scholarly influence of an author's or group of authors', body of work.

Location: The h-index can be calculated by hand, however it is offered in databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, or Google Scholar.

Field Normalized?  No


  • Point of time in a career will affect this metric.
  • Inconsistent when you compare it from database to database.

Sample Statement: Dr. Fauci has created an output of 1174 documents between 1965 and 2020, and his h-index is 178 (Scopus).

What that means: Dr. Fauci has at least 178 papers that have been cited  at least 178 times.