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Metrics & Impact Core

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Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) Information

Category: Article Level

Definition: The ratio of the total citations a document has actually received by the denominator's output, and the total citations that would be expected based on the average of the subject field. A FWCI of 1 indicates that the document has performed just as expected for the global average. A FWCI of greater than 1 indicates that the document is more cited than expected according to the global average (Ex. 1.48 means 48% more cited than expected).

Use case: The FWCI facilitates the benchmarking of citation performance across groups of different size, disciplinary scope and age, such as research large groups, institutions, or geographic regions.

Location: Scopus (SciVal)

Field Normalized?  Yes

Caveats:  Only available for documents indexed in Scopus.

Sample Statement: This 2020 editorial by Dr. Fauci has a field weighted citation impact of 157.70, indicating it is 157 times more cited than expected (Scopus). 

What that means: The actual number of citations that Dr. Fauci’s editorial received is significantly higher than the average expected for a document published in his field at the same time. 

Additional Information and Resources Regarding Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI)