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EndNote 21 for Mac

EndNote is bibliographic management software that allows users to manage citations in personal libraries and create bibliographies in a number of available journal or writing styles. This guide will help you perform basic tasks using EndNote 21 for Mac


* Library and group sharing via Endnote Web is not yet available in Endnote 21 *

Collaborating in Endnote

There are several ways of collaborating with others using Endnote:

Use the table below to determine which method suits your needs.

Scenario Method
You created a library and would like to access it from multiple computers (e.g. a home computer and a work computer) Endnote Sync
You would like to share a library or group with others, either for viewing only, or with editing privileges *Not yet available in Endnote 21
You are collaborating on a manuscript, and more than one collaborator needs to add references to the manuscript with Endnote's Word plugin. 

Traveling Library 


Google Docs Cite While You Write (*limited functionality until library sharing is supported)

Traveling Library

A Traveling Library refers to the citations in your Word document that were entered using EndNote. As each formatted citation in your Word document is saved with field codes that embed reference data in the document, you can share your Word document without having to send the whole EndNote library, and you can also collaborate with other authors on a paper without each author having the same EndNote library.

When you receive an Microsoft Word document that has been created with EndNote citations you can export the “traveling library” from Word into a new or existing EndNote library on your own computer by following these steps:

To Export a Traveling Library

  1. Open your document in Word. 
  2. Go to the EndNote tab.
  3. Select Export to EndNote, then Export Traveling Library.
  4. This next step depends on whether you have worked with this Word document and the associated library before.


    You are the owner of the first library that was used to edit the document If you are a collaborator and are exporting the traveling library from this document for the first time If you are a collaborator and have previously exported a traveling library for the document in question
    1. Select An existing Endnote library, in the pop-up window. 
    2. Click Browse and select the original library you used for the Word document.
    3. Click Open. Any new citations will be added into the existing library.  
    1. Select A new Endnote library in the pop-up window
    2. Click Ok
    1. Select An existing Endnote library, in the pop-up window. 
    2. Click Browse and select the same library to which you exported the traveling library last time.
    3. Click Open. Any new citations will be added into the existing library.
  5. After exporting, select Update Citations and Bibliography. This will reconnect your EndNote Library to your Word document, and ensure that your newly downloaded citations are linked correctly. 
  6. Before you add any new citations to the document, you will need to copy them or add them to the traveling library you exported.