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EndNote 21 for Mac

EndNote is bibliographic management software that allows users to manage citations in personal libraries and create bibliographies in a number of available journal or writing styles. This guide will help you perform basic tasks using EndNote 21 for Mac

Google Docs Endnote 21 (CWYW) Add-On

Download and Install Endnote CWYW for Google Docs


CWYW for Google Docs is a new add-on. Clarivate has provided little-to-no help documentation for its use, as of August 2023. We have listed some known limitations below.

  • You cannot copy/cut and paste text containing a citation and paste it elsewhere in the document. Doing so will break the involved citation. Instead, you will need to delete the affected in-text citation and insert a new citation.
  • Google Docs CWYW does not support footnote or superscript citation styles.
  • You can only insert references from your synced library, not any open library on your computer.
  • Collaborating with others using CWYW for Google Docs will have limited functionality until library and group sharing is available in Endnote 21.

Inserting Citations into Your Paper

  1. If Google CWYW is not already running, go to ExtensionsEndnote Cite While You Write, and click Open. Log in if prompted. 
  2. Select the desired citation style in the Cite While You Write box:
    1. Click the vertical ellipsis (three dots in a vertical line), in the upper right corner.
    2. Click Citation style, then select the appropriate style from the list. *Superscript and footnote styles are not supported
  3. Place the cursor where you wish to insert a citation.
  4. Search for the desired reference(s) using the search bar, browse all references, or click All References to select a group to browse. 
  5. Click the checkbox next to each desired reference.
  6. Click Insert Citation

The "Cite While You Write" feature in EndNote does two things as you insert citations in your document: 

  • In-text citations will be formatted into the output style you last used.
  • An ongoing bibliography will be created in the same style.

If the document does not automatically format new citations as you add them, you can click Update Citations.

Screenshot of Cite While You Write extension in Google Docs


Reordering Citations in Your Paper

Unlike Microsoft Word, CWYW for Google Docs does not allow you to move content containing in-text citations in your document.  If you move text containing an in-text citation to another part of your paper, the in-text citation will no longer function appropriately. You will need to delete the citation, then re-insert it.


Deleting Citations from Your Paper

There are two types of citation in your paper: an in-text citation and a bibliography citation. Deleting a citation from the bibliography alone will not remove it permanently - the next time the paper is formatted, the citation will return. You should instead delete the in-text citation.

  • In Google Docs:
    • Option 1- Delete the in-text citation using the delete or backspace key.
    • Option 2
      • Click Manage citations in the Cite While Your Write window.
      • Click the pencil icon next to the desired citation.
      • Click the trash can icon to delete the entire citation. If the citation includes several references, and you only wish to remove some of them, click the next to each reference you want to delete.
      • Click Save.

Formatting Your Bibliography

  • Once you have inserted citations into your paper, you may at any time format or re-format your bibliography. 
  • Go to the CWYW box, click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots in a vertical line), click Citation style, then select the appropriate style* from the list. *Superscript and footnote styles are not supported.
  • If the bibliography and citations do not automatically update, click Update Citations.

Note of Caution: Collaborating with Endnote in Google Docs

While library and group sharing is not yet supported in Endnote 21, collaborators can add citations from different libraries to a shared Google document. 

Please note, however, that adding citations from separate libraries poses an issue. Should you reorder content containing in-text citations, you will need to re-insert the affected citations (see Reordering Citations in Your Paper, above). If the citation was added from someone else's library, they will need to re-insert it, or you will need to add the reference to your own library in order to re-insert it.