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Prism is an institutional repository for the research and scholarly output of Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

General Outreach Communications

Below is an email template to send to user(s) who are interested in uploading items to Prism. Please pick and choose text to send to the user(s) to get them started on uploading. You may re-write or change anything as needed – the template is meant to be helpful and make any communication easier.

Consider using one of these opening sentences:

  • I want to recommend Prism, Feinberg School of Medicine's digital repository for scholarship….
  • I’m glad you’re interested in PrismFeinberg School of Medicine's digital repository for scholarship….
  • I hope you'll consider making your project/publication/output available in Prism, Feinberg School of Medicine's digital repository for scholarship….

Consider providing information about Prism:

Prism allows faculty, staff, and students to upload their scholarship and make it openly available online, or available only to a specific community. Prism makes your work more discoverable because it will be indexed by major search engines, including Google, so your work will show up in search results. Prism provides stable, long-term preservation of your work, and allows you to upload new versions as needed. Prism gives each uploaded item a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which makes it possible to properly cite and track use of your work. Prism also tracks and displays the views or downloads of your uploaded items.

Consider explaining how to get started with Prism:

Start your upload by visiting and logging in with your Northwestern NetID and password. If you need assistance or have questions, visit the Prism guide or contact Galter Library at