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Prism is an institutional repository for the research and scholarly output of Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

Introducing Prism

What is Prism?

Prism is an institutional repository for the research and scholarly output of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM). Prism preserves intellectual works created by the Feinberg scholarly community, enhances the visibility of Feinberg scholarship, and promotes authors by enabling discovery and accessibility of works by the international scientific community.

Prism facilitates the discovery and recognition of research and scholarship at Feinberg by bringing together open access to traditional and non-traditional research and information on scholarly activities across all disciplines. Populated with institutional and public data sources, Prism represents a living record of scholarly output.

Where can I find Prism?

Prism is available at:

Use Prism to:

  • Disseminate your work to a wider audience
  • Provide a citable link and easy access to your work
  • Store your research in a central, searchable database
  • Ensure long-term preservation of your work

I need help and training!

Don't worry, Prism help documentation is available in this guide. Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center holds semi-regular training for FSM faculty and staff in how to upload their scholarly outputs into Prism. Training will include the following:

  • Classes: Open enrollment workshops for faculty, staff or students to learn about the benefits of Prism, how to upload scholarly outputs, and how to use the reporting features. See:
  • Consultation: One on one consultation for faculty to work with a librarian to learn the interface and upload scholarly outputs.
  • Presentations: Librarians are available to attend departmental meetings or other forums to instruct faculty how to best utilize Prism.

For more assistance with using Prism, contact Every person at Feinberg is responsible for creating and maintaining their own scholarly outputs in Prism.