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An introductory guide to the navigation and use of the National Center for Biotechnology Information's My NCBI tool on PubMed.

What is My NCBI?

My NCBI is a service you can use to customize your experience when searching PubMed or other NCBI databases such as Nucleotide, Protein, and Gene. 

You can use My NCBI to:

  • Save searches

  • Set up e-mail alerts for new content

  • Create collections of saved references, sequence database records, and more

  • Choose filters that organize search results

  • Highlight search terms within your results and change other result display preferences

  • Create a bibliography of your own publications within PubMed, to use for grant preparation

Getting Started

To get started, click on the "Log in" (newer PubMed/NCBI interface) or the "Sign in to NCBI" (older NCBI interface) link in the upper right-hand corner of PubMed (or any other NCBI page).


Newer NCBI login button



Older NCBI login link



If you have a My NCBI account, you can sign in (please see note below for changes in direct login to NCBI).  If not, click the text link to register/sign up for an account.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning June 2021, all "native" NCBI accounts will be disabled. If you have an account where you sign in directly to NCBI, you MUST link that account to other login credentials. You can link your NCBI account (or sign up for a new account) with your Google login, Northwestern NetID login, or other login profile. We recommend that you link your account to your Northwestern login. For information and instructions on how to link your NCBI account to another login profile, please follow the directions from the NCBI at:

When you transfer your NCBI account to another login method, your saved searches and saved collections will be preserved.

Newer NCBI login panel

NCBI login options


Older NCBI login panel

Screenshot of My NCBI login page.

You can click the checkbox to stay signed in from a specific computer.