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EndNote 20 for Windows

The Galter Library's guide to EndNote 20 for Windows

Importing Search Results from Ovid Databases

This is the recommended way to put citations into your EndNote library. This method allows you to take advantage of the search features of the database you are using and will usually result in more precise search results. Before importing/exporting results, be sure you have the latest EndNote import filters for the databases you are searching installed on your computer.

Ovid Databases: Direct Export

  • Perform your search in MEDLINE or any other Ovid database.
  • Select the references that you want to save.
  • Select the Export link at the top of the results list. In the resulting pop-up window, choose EndNote from the drop-down menu and Complete Reference. Then click Export Citation(s)
  • Depending on the browser you use, there may be an intermediate window.
    • If you are using Firefox, you may be prompted to open with Research Direct Export Helper. You can select this as the default way of handling Ovid citations for future direct exports by checking a box in that window.
    • If you are using Chrome, the citations will download to your Downloads folder. When you click on the downloaded file, you may be prompted to choose an application. Choose EndNote.
  • If EndNote was not previously open, it will open and you will be prompted to select a library for your references. Select the library you want the citations to go into.
  • If you already have an EndNote library open, the references will be exported to the open library.
  • To see your full library again, go to the References menu and select Show All References or click Show All References in the groups pane.

Note: If you are searching Ovid using a computer that does not have EndNote on it, select Reprint/Medlars as the export option instead of EndNote. This will create a text file that you can import into EndNote later. When you have access to EndNote, open the library you would like to add your citations to, go to File, Import, find the file you saved, choose MEDLINE (OvidSP) as your Import filter, and click the Import button.