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EndNote 20 for Windows

The Galter Library's guide to EndNote 20 for Windows

Importing Search Results from Web of Science

Web of Science: Direct Export

  • Perform your search in Web of Science.
  • Mark the references you want and Add to Marked List.
  • Click on the Marked List link at the top of the page.
  • In Step 2, select the fields you want to include (abstract, times cited, etc.)
  • In Step 3, select Export.
  • Select EndNote Desktop.
  • The EndNote program will open.
  • Select the library you want the citations to go into.
  • To see your full library again, go to the References menu and select Show All References or click Show All References in the groups pane.

The following video demonstrates how to import citations to EndNote 20 directly from Web of Science.  Video does not have sound.